Brett Marcum - 2019 UCC Top 10 Finish


Putting down massive power on the dyno, Brett's Freedom Racing Engine put out an incredible 1,299 HP and 2,073 foot lbs. of torque at the 2019 Ultimate Callout Challenge.

After attending the 2017 Ultimate Callout Challenge and entering his race truck in the show-n-shine competition, Brett Marcum set the goal of competing in the 2018 event. As the youngest UCC competitor at UCC 2018 and a rookie to UCC competition, the 23 year old from Missouri Valley, IA could easily be intimidated by the veterans and powerhouses that have dominated the competition in the past. Marcum and his Banghart Diesel Team showed up strong and landed themselves in the top half of all three events.

Marcum knew he would have to step up his game to compete with the best of the best at UCC 2018. With that in mind, he turned to the experts at Freedom Racing Engines to build a new competition engine for the truck. They started with a Hamilton Cams solid Cummins-based engine block punched out for a larger bore that combines with the Wagler Competition Products and Diamond Pistons to yield a 6.8L engine. It was capped with a Freedom Racing Engines cylinder head that includes porting, polishing and milling off the intake shelf to improve overall airflow. Custom tuning from Fleece Performance Engineering and a ton of fuel from Dynomite Diesel Performance worked well with the turbos to deliver plenty of power for the UCC competition.

At UCC 2018, Marcum made his fastest pass at 9.373 seconds on the ¼ mile drag strip placing him in 13th place. On the dyno, he threw down 1,309.7 HP and 1992.4 foot pounds of torque placing him in 13th again. For the sled pull portion of UCC, he was able to make a hook of 293.5 feet, placing him once again in 13th place. Marcum took 13th place overall in the competition with 1,925.214 points.